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Trail Switzerland

Riding Trail in Switzerland

At MX-Academy, you can ride trails that require a lot of skill

MX-Academy does trails in gravel pits and on cross tracks. This requires a few techniques one must have learned, to ride them with a bike that is about 100kg of weight and has about 40PS. If you can control those bikes, it’s a lot of fun and the possibilities with such a bike are nearly unrestricted… The rider’s skills are the limit.

Trail Switzerland
Trail Switzerland - Riding trail at MX-Academy Switzerland is fun!


Trail Switzerland – Everybody can participate in riding trail at MX-Academy. Because it’s off the regular streets, you also don’t need a driver’s license. For beginners, we have easier trails and areas to learn the basics first. If you want to train more intense and also learn techniques, you are not able to learn in one day, you should do a real Motocross training, you have the possibility to do so in MX-Academy’s Motocross team.

Trail Switzerland - MX-Academy
Trail Switzerland - MX-Academy


Smaller riders, children from 4 years of age and also women can learn everything that is needed at MX-Academy to properly ride trails. More information about that can be found under kids-cross and motorcycle women.

Trail riding Switzerland
Riding trail at MX-Academy


Those who have mastered the basic techniques, can go Dubai UAE – desert sand, infinite landscapes and unbelievable dunes offer trails that are nowhere to be found in Switzerland. More information under Motocross Dubai.

Trail Switzerland at MX-Academy

Do you want to ride trail? Then, you can see all events in our mx event schedule and sign up for riding trail in Switzerland. If you have questions, just send us an E-Mail or call us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Surprise one or multiple co-workers with an exceptional gift where the get to have much fun and learn much? Under birthday present, you can order a coupon for riding Motocross for women, men and children.

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Trail Switzerland | MX-Academy


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