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Motocross club Switzerland

The Motocross Club - MX-Academy Switzerland

In the MX Academy motocross club, beginners, advanced riders and ambitious riders can join
Motocross training in the club:

The MX Academy motocross club is worth a living if you participate in MX Academy training courses for 4 or more, as the club is structured like a cooperative and there is no annual fee. The club members receive a discount on participation in courses, discounts on products from our Motoshop Switzerland and access to courses that are exclusively for club members. All advanced driving techniques and race preparations are also extensively trained during these training sessions.

Motocross Training im Motocross Verein
MX training in the club as race preparation:

For drivers who want to prepare for a racing season, be it for the first racing season or if you want to step up to the next season, the MX Academy club is the right place to go. In motocross training, the quality of the training is more important than the quantity: when training in the correct riding positions and movement sequences, you save them and improve accordingly, but the same happens if you train in the wrong postures, so the training even works accordingly counterproductive. We also train all techniques used in races such as starts, reading routes, learning to overtake, racing simulations etc.

Motocross Verein - Rennvorbereitung
Children's motocross in the club:

The club is also suitable for children and beginners, we train with the children in a separate group on their own route until they have acquired the necessary skills for the next difficult route. Everyone at their pace, everyone should be challenged, but none should be overwhelmed.

Kindermotocross im Motocross Verein
Women's motocross in the club:

Women are also very welcome in the MX Academy motocross club, you will not be the only woman in the club, there are already numerous women among the approximately 350 members, there is always a great atmosphere and you will join the MX club -Academy will certainly feel very comfortable.

Motocross für Frauen im Motocross Verein
Club training as preparation for an enduro trip:

With the right driving technique, you become significantly less tired and have much more control over your vehicle. Especially with long enduro trips on unknown terrain, you make your life on this trip much easier, reduce the risk of accidents massively and you can look forward to the great experience easier and enjoy the trip and to the fullest. In order to internalize these driving techniques, you need a few regular training sessions; constant dripping wears away the stone. The association is ideal for this.

Enduro Training - Vorbereitung für eine Enduro Reise
Every brand is welcome!

Every brand is very welcome to join the MX Academy! We have already represented all brands in the club and our focus is on the driver and driving techniques.

Motocross Verein für jede Motorrad Marke
Club training with rental equipment:

The club also offers motorcycle and equipment rentals. A very interesting option is own equipment, rental motorcycle, route rental and coaching for CHF 180. Every year you have a new motorcycle, no refueling, no servicing, no motorcycle transport on the route and no storage. This is a very popular option, available exclusively from the MX Academy.

Motocross mieten im Motocross Verein
Motocross training in the club of the MX-Academy just for fun:

Progress, success and fun go hand in hand, which is why fun, variable training and colleagues are very important in the MX-Academy club. There is always a great atmosphere, everyone helps everyone and you make progress together, no matter what level.

Motocross Verein just for fun!
Club bonusesPrice
Membership (no annual fee, valid for life)
CHF 540.00
2x / week training opportunity, 1x / week in winter
1x MX-Academy clothing (T-shirt, hoody & jacket)
Club discount in the MX-Academy Shop
-Motorbike rental, route rental & trainer per training
CHF 180.00
- Track rental & trainer per training
CHF 80.00
Discount on public events at the weekend:
CHF 60.00
Discount on public events during the week:
CHF 50.00