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Off-road Motorcycle-, Motocross-, Enduro Motorcycle-, dirt bike- and MotoX-Courses for riders of every skill level, experienced competition-participants, beginners, children and women Driving safety course motorcycle off-road, lean angle training, Supermoto, Trial, team events and corporate events


Motocross requirements and riding techniques in detail. Things about Motocross in general that are worth knowing


Women are also riding Motocross at MX-Academy. With our personal MX coach, you learn how to properly ride Motocross from the start


Extensive, individual Motocross instruction for children from for years of age with experienced professionals


MX-Academy’s Motocross team – as a regular training for advanced MX techniques.


Riding Enduro in Switzerland and Enduro training in different groups for beginners as well as intermediates.


Corporate events with action, challenge and fun – riding Motocross for everybody as a corporate event.


Driving safety course for everybody, with you won bike or a rented one – learning to control your bike off-road.


Motocross as a birthday present, one that stays in memory for a long time!

MX-Academy – We live Motocross, Enduro and off-road motorcycling

You’re a dirt bike rider who is looking for new challenges or you don’t make progress anymore with your training? You’re riding a motorcycle and need a driving safety course to handle your motorcycle better and more securely? You love motorsports but you have never had the courage to get on a motorcycle? You would like to get a taste of Motocross or find out if Motocross suits you? 
No matter your experience, at MX-Academy you are getting coached individually and the training difficulty is based on your training level. With Motocross courses for beginners, intermediates or experts we provide fun, progress and action on two wheels.

With our courses, everyone gets challenged without being overwhelmed. Our different tracks make a focused training of your basics, curve drives, sand drives, drifting, jumping techniques and many more things possible.

Approximately 70% of our course participants don’t have any Motocross or motorcycle experience. But after just one day they normally understand the basics of Motocross riding and can use them on a track. In our motocross courses, we categorize the participants in different off-road experience groups to make sure everyone is being challenged and is getting coached accordingly. When signing up, you can also select a track that suits yourself: A flat field to learn riding curves or a real Motocross track with jumps. So, everyone can put together their optimal dirt bike and Motocross training for themselves.

Learn motocross, enduro and motorcycle riding in Switzerland

Everyone is challenged in our courses, but never overwhelmed. Our different routes allow you to focus on basic techniques, cornering, sand driving, drifting, jumping techniques and much more.

About 70% of our students have no motocross or motorcycle experience. After just one day, however, they usually already understand the basic techniques of driving motocross and can use them on the track. In our motocross courses, we classify the participants into different off-road experience groups so that everyone has a challenge of their own and is looked after accordingly. When registering, you can also choose a suitable route for yourself, a flat field to learn curves, or a real motocross slope with jumps. This way, each participant can put together the optimal dirtbike and motocross training for themselves.

Motocross, Enduro und Motorrad fahren

Kids Motocross, Teen Motocross and Women Motocross

With us, women who are enthusiastic about action can also get to know a Motocross track with accordingly smaller bikes and fitting gear. More info under Women Motocross.

Our Kids Motocross offer makes the track an ideal target for the next family holiday. On a smaller, automatic dirt-bike your children can get a glimpse of the Motocross experience. Those, who want to learn more about this can visit Kids Motocross Switzerland.

Motocross Riding: For those, who want to try Motocross for a day or half a day, we offer you a Motocross taster course. During the week, a Motocross course takes 3.5h.

Motorcycling for intermediates

For riders who bring their own bike and gear, often ride dirt-bikes or Enduro motorcycles, regularly ride Downhill or BMX or do freeriding, we create a separate group. These already off-road or motorcycle experienced riders can also learn many new things from one day at MX-Academy and can improve their skills in motorcycling. Depending on your wishes, we also train advanced techniques like pushing jumps, jumping while sitting, Whips and Scrups, riding ruts, starts etc. We train these only provided the participant already knows basic techniques like knowing the right seating position, technique while standing, standing up at the right place in curves, eye technique, balance and footpeg strains.

Motocross is an art of perfectionated control of every possible way of operating and influencing the machine by the rider and the understanding and applying of the laws of physics.

With the division in several groups it has always been possible for us to provide fun, progress and security for every participant.

Upon request, Chris also does individual long-term training and career planning for ambitious Motocross riders. This contains stamina training, riding, material setup, mental training, starting techniques, team organization, marketing and other things that are important in the career of an MX driver. Furthermore, MX-Academy has a Motocross team in which you can learn riding techniques and other Motocross secrets more intense and more in detail.

Lean angle training and driving safety training motorcycle off-road

MX-Academy also offers off-road courses as lean angle training and driving safety training. Off-road, driving safety training and lean angle training can be executed safely and optimally thanks to the small skid point and lower speed. More info under the two highlighted links.

Motocross is an outside-sport and thus we are also dependent of the weather. We can’t dress up every participant multiple times, we have beginners in every course and want fun, progress and safety when riding a dirt bike instead of a cold and frustration. Thus, our events only take place when there’s good weather.

After signing up, you get an E-Mail with all the important information like directions, time table etc. and until the evening (6pm) before the event an E-Mail telling you if the event is taking place or not.

Here, you can buy Motocross coupons for example as a birthday present!

More information about our prices and tracks can be found on the other sites on our homepage. Those who are looking for something exclusive away from home, for example in Dubai, should take a look at Motocross in Dubai.

Corporate events and team events

MX-Academy can also organize a corporate event or a team event for a closed group or with friends at a public event. Experiencing something together as an action experience improves cohesion, is a lot of fun and will definitely be remembered. More information under corporate event and team event.

Our Motocross pictures, to get some insight, can be found under Motocross pictures.

Information about Motocross in Switzerland can be found under Motocross Switzerland.

Discover MX-Academy, get to know our wide variety of offers and start with your Motocross adventure today!

Motocross as an action experience

  • Are you eager for an adventure?
  • Are you are looking for a new challenge?
  • Do you want to zone out for one day and experience something new?
  • Do you want to improve your motorcycling skills?
  • Do you want to have an unforgettable day with your friends, both in contest and in company?
  • Do you want to improve the team spirit in your firm with an extraordinary experience?
  • Are you looking for a special gift for someone?
  • Do you wish for more safety and a better feeling on the motorcycle on- and off-road?
  • Are you striving for pushing your borders?
  • Does one of your children want to try Motocross?
  • Are you a passionate Enduro motorcycle rider and you aim to improve your off-road skills?
  • Are you feeling good when you are able to ride a dirt bike?
  • How about a flying lesson?
  • Are you looking for a real action Switzerland experience?

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