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Corporate event Switzerland, Corporate event ideas

The idea for corporate events, an action-loaded corporate event, fun and challenge – corporate event in Switzerland at MX-Academy

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A corporate event in Switzerland with an extra portion of action, the slightly different corporate event idea

Corporate event Switzerland – Our Corporate event ideas are for private or public parties to bring a group closer together. Experiencing something different, together with the firm or with customers, stays in your memory for a long time. Thus, a corporate event at MX-Academy will long be remembered and talked about.

Corporate event Zurich – riding Motocross as a corporate event near Zurich: We have the possibility to organize corporate events in about 30min distance of Zurich.

Corporate event Switzerland at MX-Academy

With competitive bikes and the necessary instructions and equipment, you get to train with professional coaches on the track right away. At a corporate event at MX-Academy you have to bring nothing but a good mood. Board and beginner bikes are provided.

Corporate event idea: riding Motocross as a corporate event Switzerland at MX-Academy by two-time European champion Chris Moeckli

Experience a top corporate event in Switzerland

Do you want to provide your customers something special or surprise your coworkers with a very special corporate event?

Something, where you can act as a team, experience something together or meet a challenge where not only force but also smarts, coordination and stamina is needed?

Ex-Motocross pro Chris Möckli makes such a day possible for you at his MX-Academy. Together with his team, for one day you have the opportunity to ride Motocross together on a selected track. More general information about this sport can be found here – Motocross sport.

corporate event Switzerland – at MX-Academy everything can be rent
corporate events - riding MX at MX-Academy – that’s fun!

It doesn’t matter if you already have experience or are a total beginner. Not even a driving license is mandatory. Our trainers coach you and after a short time you are going to feel very comfortable on the bike, promised! Safety equipment and also the bikes can of course be rented. As you see: you just have to care about how to get forward. We take care of the rest.

Of course, you can take family members, colleagues or people who are undecided to watch. Naturally, the board can also be booked for them.

Corporate event Switzerland – Such a corporate event is also perfectly suited for women, even if they have never ridden a motorcycle or even a moped before. We have the fitting small beginner bikes, with an automatic clutch and the fitting gear. Also, a trainer is riding with the beginners until they feel comfortable on the bike. More information about women at MX-Academy can be found under Motocross women.

Here a short video concerning corporate event/corporate event idea at MX-Academy
Nathanael Wettstein (development engineer)

"Motocross with Chris is a brilliant challenge for your head (concentration), hand (balance and technique) and heart (courage)."

Patrick Wirth (project manager device development Beverage systems)

"Compliments to Chris Möckli and his team! Many of us have never even sat on a bike – let alone a Motocross bike! And in the afternoon, we all have already been circling on the circuit with the big machines!"

Ruedi Solenthaler (project manager device development Beverage systems)

"The corporate event of Helbing Technik Wil was awesome. Contrary to the daily mental work, we could, for one time, experience a wild and turbulent afternoon under the competent control of Chris Möckli and his team. In the evening, everyone was happy, tired and satisfied. We are already thinking of repeating this event every year."

Britta Schmid - degreed building engineer. EHT SIA, s+p Schmid Partner AG

"The day was special, also every participant. Despite aching muscles and tiredness, we will keep this corporate event in best memory."

Britta Schmid - degreed building engineer. EHT SIA, s+p Schmid Partner AG

"The day was special, also every participant. Despite aching muscles and tiredness, we will keep this corporate event in best memory."

The team of Planzer Transport AG Pratteln

"The team of Planzer Transport AG Pratteln thanks you dearly for this “action-loaded“ afternoon. The exact right thing to relax from the stressful routine. “totally cool”, “Awesome” are only some reactions :) We all had a lot of fun and could, also without prior knowledge, ride like the pros after a very short time :)… We can recommend you, your team and the program at this corporate event to everyone!"

Corporate event Switzerland, the event starts with an instruction

If the weather is not good this day, we will find an alternative date. If that’s not possible at short notice, you get your down payment back, of course.

At this corporate event you might even discover a new, exciting hobby of yours which you can exercise alone or together after that. Just try it!

Are you looking for an exceptional, fun corporate event in Switzerland with Action? Chris Moeckli and his coaches from MX-Academy have a top idea for you: Motocross as a corporate event in Switzerland or as a corporate event near Zurich.

You can see the corporate event Switzerland offers here:

[corporate event Switzerland PDF]

If you have questions or want to fix a date for a corporate event, you can contact us anytime via E-Mail under  or call us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Corporate event Switzerland  If you want to participate alone or in a small group or first want to get to know if this experience as a corporate event ides is suited for your plan, you can simply sign up for a fitting, free event in our event schedule Switzerland.

At a corporate event Switzerland, you could, for example organize a Motocross helmet with your own logo on it as a memento, Motocross goggles or a Motocross shirt to complement your corporate event idea.

Corporate event Switzerland, riding MX with the firm

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