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Riding safety course for motorcycles in Switzerland

At MX-Academy Switzerland you can sign up for a motocross riding safety course

Motorcycle driving safety course for everyone with his/her own bike or a rented one from MX-Academy.

MX-Academy is training driving instructors in further training courses concerning motorcycle driving safety training and banking training. Everyone can take part in our courses, for that we have different groups and train everyone individually depending on his weaknesses and needs. Off-Road, a driving safety course can be executed optimally. Smaller skid point, no traffic, small speeds and a modern safety equipment make it an ideal training environment. Optionally, you can deepen your basic skills on a light off-road bike from MX-Academy and learn to apply these skills on you own, heavy street motorcycle.

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Driving safety course Switzerland

Driving safety course Switzerland – We have different tracks to learn and practice different riding techniques. A driving safety course at MX-Academy is building on the right basic position and balance of the bike. After that, you learn the right motion sequences to always be able to handle your bike optimally.

Motorcycle driving safety course learning to slide and drift

Most street motorcycle drivers are driving fully static without moving. The next step is to apply these techniques on a more difficult terrain. When mastering the techniques learned from the motorcycle driving safety course, you learn the next techniques. The following riding techniques always build on the basic ones which accordingly have to be mastered first to learn advanced ones. The next techniques would be learning how to properly brake, understanding and learning how to react when the bike is sliding, controlled drifts and slides and many more.

Motorcycle driving safety training learning how to brake with Chris Moeckli

Really learn how to properly ride a bike cannot be done in one day. Experience has shown, that it will surely open the eyes of many street motorcycle riders after they participated in a Motorcycle course at MX-Academy. If you want to deepen your riding techniques even further after the course, learn more difficult ones, like drifting, driving steep climbs or descents, you can join MX-Academy’s Motocross team. There, we learn all Motocross techniques which can be applied on a motorcycle.

You can also take part in our motorcycle driving safety course with your own street motorcycle:

Motorcycle driving safety course with an own street motorcycle

For smaller women, we have smaller and lighter motorcycles and fitting gear. More on that under Motorcycle women.

Motorcycle Driving safety training at MX-Academy

Do you want to learn how to handle your motorcycle the right way with a driving safety course at MX-Academy in Switzerland? You can simply sign up for a free slot in our event schedule Switzerland. If you have any questions concerning our driving safety training or about any other topic, you can always write us an E-Mail or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Motorcycle driving safety course instruction

A short video about the motorcycle driving safety course at MX-Academy

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Motorcycle riding safety course | MX-Academy

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