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Schlatt motocross track

Motocross track "Gieshalde" at Schlatt TG

Motocross Strecke Schlatt

All 2 strokes require noise and a carburetor overflow tank (as is also mandatory for Supermoto) to use the motocross track at Schlatt. These can be obtained from the MX-Academy store or from another reseller. The 4 strokes must comply with current FIM regulations and must not exceed 94DB. Thank you for your understanding.

Motocross Schlatt course map:

Green: Children's route
Red: Beginner / Amateur Pilot Course
Blue: route for advanced drivers
Red wine: training area (not open to the public)

Events Calendar Schlatt TG Motocross Track

Motocross Schlatt Beschreibung

There will be an online registration system for the Schlatt motocross track.

A registration system ensures optimal training without a crowded route and an area with different routes separates amateurs and advanced drivers.

Important: use is only permitted with modern 4-stroke machines with 94 dB according to FIM or with 2-stroke with noise and overflow tank. The area includes 3 training courses: children's course, beginners course, advanced course.

Further information on the Schlatt motocross track can be found at www.motocross-schlatt.ch

Cost of noise 70.-Sfr. / Overflow vessel 43.-Sfr

Motocross tracks opening hours:

Wednesday  14:00–17:30 Uhr
Thursday  15:00–18:30 Uhr


 11:00–12:00 Uhr
 13:00–16:00 Uhr


Important: the MX course can be booked for lessons, ALWAYS check the page before you hit the road. If the date is not on the page, the motocross training course is open.

WARNING: the motocross track is closed in bad weather!

The Schlatt motocross track is only open in good weather, all year round, at the opening hours indicated below, on working days. The route remains closed on public holidays in the canton of Thurgau. the holidays can be found in Google search. If the site is exceptionally closed, it's on this page.

ATTENTION: beginners in motocross and beginners in motocross are not allowed to take the route for safety reasons, in relation to other riders and in order not to put themselves in danger. They must first take a motocross course in order to learn basic riding techniques during a guided motocross training. This is not a beginners route and it is not allowed to shorten the route in public service. Therefore, you must master all the technical elements of the route. Children can participate in an MX-Academy event, in which case they can only drive parts of the course that they already have mastered. This is not possible in normal operation. You can find information on this under Motocross for children. Full protective equipment according to FIM regulations is also required. In addition, goggles with detachable lenses are not allowed on the motocross track at Schlatt for environmental reasons. Parking rules must be observed and the pace of the vehicle is in step with the pace of walking. Motorcycles must be brought to the track with fuel.

Since we count on each of you for the smooth running of the training, safety, compliance with our license and the continuation of our motocross training track, ONLY you can ride on the circuit, nowhere outside. . We need to keep the area clean, so we ask that you bring your garbage with you. Before entering the route, please pay close attention to the direction of travel and strictly observe opening hours. In addition, all motorcycles must comply with current FIM regulations and must not exceed 94DB. We thank you for your understanding and your efforts.

Have fun on the route and save!

Under Motocross Sport you will find information on Motocross Sport, technical riding requirements and general information.

If you want to improve your skills and need more riding safety, you can sign up for a motocross course here.

If you are interested in pursuing targeted advanced training, you can find more information on Motocross Team Switzerland.

If you need equipment or a bike, you can find different options in the MX Academy Academy store under Motocross Shop and Buy Motocross.

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