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E-Motocross, electro Motocross

Information about Electro Motocross and E-Motocross

Riding E-Motocross and Electro Motocross in Switzerland

The development in the fields of E-Motocross and Electro Motocross is very high at the moment. The biggest challenge, as everywhere else in the field of electronic vehicles, is the battery. Most E-Motocross bikes can be ridden for about 1-2h when lightly used. When fully used, although, only 15-20 minutes. Since most MX tracks lack a permanent source of power, on this terrain, an emergency power source has to be used. Indoors, on the other hand, when there’s a permanent power source, electro Motocross bikes are perfectly suited.

E-Motocross, Electro Motocross
E-Motocross, Electro Motocross


E-Motocross bikes are very easy to ride, because it responds very directly when accelerating and it can’t be stalled. A clutch is also not needed. So, you can focus on accelerating and braking. Still, Electro Motocross bikes should not be underestimated and appropriate Motocross equipment is mandatory.

Riding E-MotocrossRiding E-Motocross


At MX-Academy, you can take part in every event with your own E-Motocross bike. For now, you can’t rent E-Motocross bikes at MX-Academy, but there’s an indoor hall planned, in which, when it’s ready, you can also rent E-Bikes. At MX-Academy, you can, however, rent equipment and dirt bikes with combustion engines in every size. More information under riding Motocross.

Electro MX
Electro MX



If you like to buy your own equipment, new or used, you can find more information in our Motocross shop.


- We wish you fun surfing!


E-motocross / electric motocross | MX-Academy


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